Happy New Year!

Geo-Animate had a great 2016.

The site had more visitors and feedback than ever (please keep it coming). Some successes from the last year include:
– the “Battle of Normandy, 1944” now (finally) scratches the surface of the potential I foresee in virtual history;
– the rebuilt Commonwealth War Graves project was long overdue and is so interesting; and
– the improvements that aren’t sexy but that make these virtual histories faster, more stable, and more accessible.

2017 is going to be even better. I can’t wait to begin crossing-off items from the mushrooming to-do list. In addition to adding more polish to Geo-Animate’s rough edges, my targets include:
– developing the “Gettysburg Campaign, 1863” project, an outline of which is targeted for the end of January;
– adding features such as animated models and historical map tiles in addition to a raft of data input improvements;
– developing new projects on my list including the “Battle of the Bulge, 1944-1945”, “Guadalcanal, 1943”, “Chickamagua Campaign, 1863”, “Battle of Midway, 1942” and the “Battle of France, 1940.”; and
– finally, again not at all sexy, but improving accessibility, especially for tablets and smartPhones;

As always, I love hearing what you think. What would you like to see over the next year? Do you have project suggestions? How can Geo-Animate make history come alive for you?

Best to you in 2017, Erik

The War of Movement, 1914 shows the movements of the Belgian, French, British, and German armies through the first three months of World War I. This project is currently getting a facelift to add more context and more flexibility. Related to this is a more detailed view of the Battle of Mons, 1914.

The Commonwealth War Graves project animates the time and place of Commonwealth soldier graves throughout World War I (note this does not include memorials to those soldiers whose remains were never found nor identified). Due to lack of complete or accessible records, I regrettably cannot foresee adding the other nation’s records to this animation. Nevertheless, “as is” the animation does provide an insight of the war’s tragic scope.